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Novelty. Founder. Indie Hacker. Artist. Cannabis. Crypto. Vanlife. Individual Sovereignty.

A sovereign individual doesn’t look outside of themselves for direction or answers. A sovereign individual steps into their whole embodied self. Sovereignty is radical.

A story about individual sovereignty

What does it mean to be a sovereign individual?

In some ways this question differs for everyone. In another way it doesn’t.

We are each encoded with a blueprint when we are born out of the world.

Yes, I said “born out of,” instead of “born into.”

You have a specific purpose in living and so do I. Stepping wholly into your blueprint is what enables individual sovereignty to manifest through someone.

I believe the main challenge at this time in Earth’s expansion is cutting through the noise of abstraction, to find your blueprint and reestablish direct connection to your highest embodied self.

Activating your blueprint allows you to…

Dated: 4–21–21

Welcome to a new day of Daniel’s building in public notepad.

Good Morning 🌻

Yesterday was a pretty challenging day on my nervous system. Why? It doesn’t matter. But it def made me slow down my building. I text my business partner and told him I wasn’t going to be able to connect on a call until tomorrow because I was moving through some heavy emotional energy. I’m a deeply wired introvert and sometimes the tiniest subtlety makes action feel like a herculean experience. I live in the now and move with my intuition. I am grateful to have business partners that understand…

“There is certainly a sense of exhilaration or relief at the moment of change — at the first few uses of telephone, radio, television, jet aircraft, miracle drug, or calculating…


Photo by Moritz Kindler on Unsplash

Morning Energy Drop:

It’s 12:04PM and I am just piecing together my build log for today. I woke up and got some coffee, moved into my flow which consisted of some reading, meditating, smoking cannabis, and moving in the subtleties. My mom stopped by for a few which is really my favorite part about being back in Michigan. I like how close in proximity I am to the place I was born, and the beings in my familial circle.

I’m a deep introvert. I like my time alone. It’s where I self-source and nourish the parts of myself that help energize my being…

I chose to face the unknown head on and in facing the unknown head-on, it helped sharpen my resourcefulness. It helped open my mind to new ways of being. It helped me fall apart and then find my true passions. Living in a van helped me wake up to my unique blueprint.

My first time working on the van. I fixed a leak in the fuel tank.

Individual Sovereignty. It was 2016 when I moved into a camper van. I was two years removed from college, I was burnt out from wrestling, and I was bitter toward the world I was living in. When I looked at Corporate America it made me sick. I didn’t know what I wanted to do with my life. I was certain at the time that I didn’t want to contribute to the rat race. I wanted to “live life full-time, and work part-time.” I didn’t know what that meant and it didn’t really matter.

Vanlife Offered Healing

When I moved into my Ford Econoline…

Hi cuz! Welcome to the party. I look forward to witnessing your full activation and seeing you blossom into the light pattern of your blueprint.

Thank you for choosing to show up to the party raw and energetically naked. I believe it's a key ingredient in building the new, sovereign world we are co-creating.

You are a bright light and a powerful essence. Keep opening. You have permission to only accept the storylines playing through your mind that empower your highest self.

I'm sending you love and light. You are beautiful beyond words. Continue trusting in the steps you're taking. Be kind to yourself and know that each moment is an opportunity to explore or create a brand new world - the world that only you can see and are being called to bring forward through the life essence of your being.



To become a champion you have to know in your heart that everything is figureoutable.

If you desire to accomplish something in life it means you have to be willing to step into the unknown. It means you have to start. It means walking in a direction that is unpaved and likely misunderstood when expressed.

There is a fallacy, a projected blind-spot, in believing you have to know where you are going in order to get started. It’s a projected blind-spot because its a projected thought, and a blind-spot because we aren’t able to see how it’s working against the activation of stepping into our full self. …


I don’t smoke out of a pristine bowl every time I consume. I have a few pipes and a bong laying around so instead of cleaning one pipe every day I swap my glass in-and-out of rotation.

formula 420 glass cleaner
Formula 420 for the win

Hello, Consumption friend.

I hear you recently picked up a pipe at the local dispensary and you’ve been using it to smoke some marijuana you bought. What strains did you buy? When I worked at a delivery service for all those years we savored the opening of a freshly purchased strain of cannabis. It was pre-covid era so it was common to pass the marijuana around and stuff our noses into the jar of terpolicious splendor.

Mhmmm…I can smell the terps on my mind while I sit here writing. I had some wonderful smoking sessions with some incredible beings. …


One aspect of cannabis that I’ve learned to love is that there isn’t a standard feeling after consumption. Each strain brings with it a new experience. Each seed embeds an opportunity for your body to receive earth in its updated form.

Fueled By Marijuana

One of the biggest misconceptions about cannabis or marijuana consumption is that it makes you lazy and forgetful. This is a blanket statement lacking depth. Cannabis has made me feel spacey and stoned at times, but it isn’t the standard feeling. There is a lot of subtlety built into each interaction a person has with marijuana. It’s an individualized experience — thank you, endocannabinoid system.

One aspect of cannabis that I’ve learned to love is that there isn’t a standard feeling after consumption. Each strain brings with it a new experience. …

Daniel Osterman

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