Daniel Osterman

Hi cuz! Welcome to the party. I look forward to witnessing your full activation and seeing you blossom into the light pattern of your blueprint.

Thank you for choosing to show up to the party raw and energetically naked. I believe it's a key ingredient in building the new, sovereign world we are co-creating.

You are a bright light and a powerful essence. Keep opening. You have permission to only accept the storylines playing through your mind that empower your highest self.

I'm sending you love and light. You are beautiful beyond words. Continue trusting in the steps you're taking. Be kind to yourself and know that each moment is an opportunity to explore or create a brand new world - the world that only you can see and are being called to bring forward through the life essence of your being.



Daniel Osterman

Daniel Osterman

Novelty. Founder. Indie Hacker. Artist. Cannabis. Crypto. Vanlife. Individual Sovereignty.